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About BizMarketUSA.com



Mission Statement

We bring qualified business buyers and sellers together to make a trade. We provide the necessary tools and information to facilitate a successful transaction via our qualified business broker network.

We aggressively market businesses in an innovative manner that produce better results for a lower cost than our competition. Our service is professional, courteous, and focused on the needs of our customer. We will be creative and proactive in our businesses strategies and we will have measured impact on the number of businesses sold annually.

Our Company

The process of finding or selling a business has never been easier. BizMarketUSA.com was founded by a group of professionals, with over 28 years of experience as officers of U.S. corporations, small business owners, and major media/Internet consultants.

Our goal was to create an environment that facilitates and promotes the entrepreneurial lifestyle while providing all the tools and resources needed to complete a transaction. We do it all from one convenient location.

Finding The right opportunity

Finding a qualified business broker in your area

Acquire financing to purchase businesses

Legal advice and Business books

Please enjoy this resource. We encourage your feedback to learn how we may improve this site.

Please e-mail us at admin@BizMarketUSA.com or call
(727) 896-9100 extension 801 Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST.

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