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Welcome to the public resource of businesses for sale!

If you're selling a business you have come to the right place!

BizMarketUSA.com features thousands of businesses for sale and franchises of all sizes, price ranges and industry sectors.

To create your own ad takes only 5 minutes!

Every month, business buyers search BizMarketUSA.com to find that perfect business opportunity.

Please Review our policy and information below before posting any advertisement! We are dedicated to quality content. All ads are reviewed before being posted.

Businesses for sale: MLM (multi-level marketing) or similar business opportunity advertising will not be accepted.

Confidentiality: You can choose how much information to reveal about your business. You can even opt not to disclose your name or phone number, or city of business location. We know you value your privacy, so your actual email address will not be revealed to buyers responding to your ad.

Changing your ad: When you enter an ad into our system, our website will recognize you as our customer by assigning you a private password. This password will enable you to return and make changes to your ad at any time.

Franchises or Similar Business Opportunities: If you are offering a new franchise location or similar business opportunity please do not use this section. We have many exciting options for you. Call (727) 896-9100 extension 801 for more information.

If your advertisement meets the above criteria please click below to continue.


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